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L3 Payments LLC is a trusted provider of merchant processing solutions and payment services that meet the unique demands of ecommerce businesses worldwide.

Merchant Accounts

Merchant Accounts

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Kjell Petridis
Founder and CEO

Kjell, CEO and Founder of both L3 Payments and SBW.COM, has spent the past 15 years providing services in the payment processing industry. The founding of L3 Payments followed Kjell’s departure from Jettis Inc. in 2005. Kjell was a Founding Director of Jettis Inc. and its President for six years. He served on the Board of Directors for Jettis Inc., from 1998 through February of 2005. During his tenure as President, he successfully led the company through the formative stages of raising capital and product development, as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company and firmly establishing Jettis as a leader within its target markets. These experiences culminated in his success assisting in the negotiations of a multi-million dollar sale of Jettis's IPSP portfolio to its largest competitor, Paycom.

A native of California, Kjell earned his Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University, a private liberal arts university in Southern California.

Kjell is the resident expert on productivity tools and MAC shortcuts. Creating a culture of trust and friendship, L3 Payments is an extension of how Kjell likes to operate. When Kjell is not tending to the needs of the business, he enjoys traveling, time with his family and supporting the USC Trojans. Fight On!


Hrag has been involved in the software development field for twenty-five years, fifteen of which have been in the payment processing industry. He has been instrumental in developing and managing two different gateways. He currently oversees all of the technical operations at L3 Payments and SBW.COM. Hrag joined L3 Payments as CTO in 2006 after facilitating a further multi-million dollar sale of Jettis’s remaining gateway clients and technology. From 1998 to 2005, Hrag was the Director of Software Development at Jettis. Prior to his involvement in the payment space, he held varied programming positions for prominent software development companies. Hrag received his Bachelor and Master degrees in Computer Science from California State University, Northridge.

In his spare time, Hrag likes to play basketball, volunteer and test his abilities out in poker tournaments. Hrag is also the resident prankster and deal-maker at L3 Payments. In the true spirit of equality, we’ve all fallen victim to Hrag’s antics!

Thomas Kraus
Director, Client Services

Thomas has ten years of experience in E-commerce and Client Relations. He commenced with Jettis in 2002 and ultimately joining L3 Payments in 2008. Thomas takes pride in assisting merchants with everything from managing risk to improving throughput, as well as facilitating direct banking relationships for clients with the myriad acquirers with whom L3 is partnered. Through his extensive experience Thomas has gained the technical knowledge that allows him to troubleshoot issues at all levels of the merchant processing chain.

At L3 Payments, Thomas is our Rock Star. Not only is Thomas an actual musician but he is often the one who thwarts Hrag’s antics to our amusement. In his free time, Thomas enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids, playing guitar and watching NBA basketball.

Mike Petit

Mike has been spearheading accounting functions at L3 Payments since 2008. Prior to joining L3 Payments, Mike had been working in the payments industry since 2003. Mike graduated from Washington State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Mike remains a loyal Washington fan.

Mike is the L3 Payments trivia expert and is unanimously our “phone a friend” if ever we need a fact. On movie trivia, in particular, Mike is often relied upon to name the movie that we are speaking about but can’t remember the name or actors in it. When Mike isn’t waist-deep in ledgers he enjoys reading, hiking, and all types of music.

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Merchant Accounts

Online commerce has never been more popular or profitable. Along with this comes greater exposure to fraud and misuse, leaving some businesses classified into the high-risk category.

That's why L3 Payments delivers competitive, secure merchant processing services for businesses categorized into this group. Our extensive bank network integrates seven domestic and offshore financial institutions that support businesses that find obtaining approval elsewhere difficult. Our clients include online dating and matchmaking services, TMF merchants, inbound and outbound telemarketing services, infomercials, video on demand, membership websites, toy and novelty shops, travel and audiotext firms, and more.

Using L3 Payments, organizations can easily accept customer charges in multiple currencies, process unlimited daily transactions, stay in complete control over their operations, and maximize profitability. By avoiding IPSPs or third-party processors, companies maintain total control over their customer data. They are also ensured total business continuity, avoiding the risk of service denials, excessive transaction scrubbing, or processing interruptions.

Complete our five-minute online application right now to receive a customized, competitive proposal in just three business days.

No risk. No hassles. No wasted time. That’s the L3 Payments difference,


ACH Processing

Whether you’re new to ecommerce or already dependent on ACH transactions for your day-to-day operations and to simplify your check-out process, L3 Payments can provide improved terms, rates, and programs for ecommerce organizations. We can help you avoid the inflated fees associated with most payment processing firms on the market today. 

L3 Payments can help you expand your receivable options, broaden your customer base, satisfy customer requests, and maximize business profitability. Our ACH merchant accounts assist ecommerce operations with the collection of direct customer payments, e-checks, and other incoming ecommerce fees. Your customers will love the convenience. You’ll love the value. 

Our proprietary account structure seals you into some of the lowest rates on the market. No other ACH processor delivers the security and protection of L3 Payments and its exceptional accounting method. Control and manage your own merchant account while avoiding the pitfalls of commingled funds. 

Your payments are immediately deposited into a unique bank account held in your name. We maintain a low minimum balance to cover any trailing returns that you might incur. This balance is escrowed during service months and is fully refundable at account closure. Proceeds are then conveniently distributed on a weekly basis. 


Risk Management

To maximize profitability, you must attract customer interest and convert this interest into sales. Equally important, businesses must mitigate risk. To do this, you must stay on top of credit card regulations, report charge-backs on a daily basis, and monitor trends. At the end of the day, what matters is not just how much you earn, but how much of that you retain. 

We give clients the knowledge and the tools they need to stay in complete control of their receivables. This ensures compliance with ongoing communications that explain, in easy to understand language, the what’s and how’s of constantly evolving credit card regulations.

In addition to up-to-date industry information, L3 Payments’ risk management services can safeguard your company from fraud by delivering real-time account reporting data. Monitor your performance and take immediate action with our robust management tools, which include daily and monthly chargeback analysis and profitability-by-affiliate reports. We also go one step further by working with your gateway provider to adjust your scrub, and ensure maximum throughput and minimal fraudulent activity.

Stay informed, monitor activity, diagnose issues, and take immediate action. L3 Payments is your comprehensive payment processing solution designed specifically for high-risk classified organizations. Complete our five-minute online application today!


Call Center

Since 1990, L3's Contact Center, which provides one-on-one consumer support through both the telephone and email on a 24x7 basis, has successfully maintained overall consumer satisfaction with minimal refunds and chargebacks for merchants. Consumers have been very pleased with the level of service provided via our Contact Center. In fact, consumers often contact customer service to thank the merchant for truly caring about their customers.

Our skilled staff is trained to minimize refunds and chargebacks, and support fluctuating volume. Through a series of iterations creating custom and very powerful scripts, L3 has developed the appropriate language to deter both Credit Card and ACH consumers from obtaining a refund (or numerous refunds), while still allowing for the contact to be short and satisfactory. This keeps refunds and chargebacks to a minimum.

Immediate, Tailor-made Service

L3 will set up new toll free number(s) within 24 hours of the request and there is no limit to the quantity of numbers requested. These numbers are also portable to a new service if at some point you take the customer support activities in-house. L3 Payments will manage your account; facilitate any custom scripting changes that you desire; as well as train the Contact Center on your specific requirements. Billing is done on a per-minute basis and is charged monthly.

Our Contact Center can support any type of scriptable call, including:

  • Order/Data entry
  • Customer Service
  • First Call Resolution
  • Call Escalation
  • Database Management
  • Help Desk

You can rest assured about the service your consumers are receiving with weekly reporting, including:

  • Minutes
  • Number of calls
  • Number of emails
  • Hold time
  • Abandonment rates