Visa CardsBy Melody Lashmar – Visa requirements regarding high-risk transactions and this affects you!

I constantly hear that one of the benefits to working with an IPSP is that you can cross sell with other sponsored merchants.  As this was never the intent of VISA they have revised their Operating Regulations to make it explicitly clear what constitutes a cross-sell/up-sell and what has to happen on this type of transaction.

Effective June 1, 2011 an Up-selling Merchant is defined as “a Merchant that offers a Cardholder goods and/or services online through the initial Merchant, but is not the initial Merchant, a subsidiary or affiliate of the initial Merchant with whom the Cardholder initiated the Transaction”.

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It seems that today’s merchant must operate with a constantly changing set of rules.  As a company that provides payment processing services to merchants in many different regions with many different products, it is our desire to be able to provide our clients and future clients with relevant payment news in a timely manner.

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