Wow, January flew by in a blur of trade shows, meetings and flagrant disregard for healthy sleeping habits. That is to say, it was a productive month! February is shaping up to be another busy month already, and with only 28 days the pressure is on to not let Viggo Mortensen’s rugged good looks and southern charm derail our road to recovery…I’m sorry, that’s the subplot to that awful romantic-comedy starring Sandra Bullock, “28 Days”. What I meant was, we have a lot of work to do and only 28 days until an incurable virus spreads throughout the world, turning us all into zombies! Wait…actually…that’s the plot to “28 Days Later”. My bad again. What I’m trying to say is that we’re really busy working on cool stuff and February is a short month!


Of course, you can’t mention February without mentioning everyone’s favorite holiday…Groundhog Day! This year Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow, so given the scientific accuracy of this forecasting method it’s safe to say we’re going to have an early Spring this year!


Hmm…ok…I just checked again and it turns out most people don’t care about Groundhog Day, so apparently Valentine’s Day is the big February holiday. For me, the concept of giving gifts to your significant other doesn’t feel as genuine when it’s being forced on you by the media and major retailers, but maybe I’m too cynical. I always tell my wife “Valentine’s Day is a scam. I believe love should be celebrated every day, not just February 14th!” Now, that is intended as both a romantic sentiment and a loophole to avoid spending money on things like flowers that will die in 2 days, but my wife is very smart. If I don’t at least buy her a Valentine’s Day card, my anti-corporate holiday shtick completely falls apart, as she will happily remind me that love should be celebrated every day and February 14th is a day after all. Touche’, my lady.


So while February is a lovey-dovey time of year, one thing we’ve got no love for is “liar buyers“. L3’s Melody Lashmar has recently written some very informative articles addressing this and the overall problem of online payment fraud, so check them out HERE if you haven’t already.


Also, in the spirit of V-Day, don’t forget to give us some love on Facebook and Twitter! We welcome any questions, comments and/or anecdotes. Oh, unless those anecdotes involve employees of L3 and things that may or may not have happened in Las Vegas. No need to take that public.


Until next time…have a great month, everybody!