Here at L3 Payments we all work very hard day in and day out, so when summer rolls around we like to take some time off (not all of us at once, of course) to recharge our batteries and do a bit of traveling. However, one person in our office recently took a trip that makes Bear Grylls look like Justin Bieber.

To give you some context, our underwriter, John Porichis, is known around the office for taking epic vacations each year. In fact, John has visited 6 of the 7 continents, with Antarctica being the only uncharted territory. Now, I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure you have to be a penguin to go to Antarctica, so I won’t hold it against John if he doesn’t make it there (even though he tells me it’s possible for a human…and he would know!) But for all the cool stuff John has done, I think this latest adventure is the most impressive. John and his wife took a 23 hour journey from California to Tanzania where they spent 6 days climbing Mt.Kilimanjaro! It took 4.5 days to reach the peak at 19,345 feet and another 1.5 days to come down. Listen, I spent 1 night in a tent in my backyard with my son and nearly called it quits at 2:00am because I was uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep, so my brain can’t even begin to comprehend spending 6 days on the highest free-standing mountain in the world in freezing temperatures. So, hats off to John and his wife!

Here are some pictures from John’s amazing trip.



Also newsworthy this month, Melody Lashmar recently posted several informative articles; the most recent titled “Picking the Pockets of Merchants“. Here, Melody provides some interesting insight into how merchants and third-party processors are often the scapegoat when consumers overspend.

Until next time, we hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and please feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, our blog, or via email ( with any questions or comments. Take care!