Day one in London did not dissappoint me.  I had the good fortune of meeting up with a few familiar people at the airport that were on the same  flight as me.  We shared a taxi to our hotel and then had a nice meal to get settled into our new surroundings.

London welcomed us with cooler temperatures and grey skies… ahhh London, such a nice break from the scorching sun and temperatures of  southern California.  The hotel is filling up with some familiar faces and tomorrow starts the real task of meeting new people, discussing the issues that face our businesses and developing new partnerships.

Being back in England reminds me of just how bland we are in North America regarding our choice of diction when speaking.  In conversation with my seat neighbor on the flight who was just returning home from touring the US for the summer, regarding his savings account he stated “its completely shredded”.  Back in North America we’d likely say, its nonexistent or its gone and although the message is ultimately the same, somehow it is more satisfying the English way.

At the end of a long travel day, I must say I’m “knackered”.  Check back to the blog often as I will be updating it with tidbits from my conferences and travels.

Online Dating has been around now for decades.  At the last iDate conference I attended I even heard it stated that we are in the second generation of people that met through online dating. With that transition,  it is becoming more and more acceptable to the general population that you no longer have to hide the fact that you met online.  Over the years hundreds, if not thousands, of new dating sites have surfaced on the internet.  As a specialist in ecommerce payments and the online dating market, many niche dating sites come to our attention.  However, I think this niche that is depicted in this video has yet to be explored!! For my American friends, please substitute with the local equivalents, such as Verizon and Time Warner.  Enjoy.


And so we meet again, September.

I’ll be honest; I’ve never really been a fan of you, September. As a kid you marked the end of summer vacation and the beginning of the school year. Gone were the days of building sand castles at the shore (yes, “the shore” – I grew up in New Jersey). Gone were the late nights at the boardwalk arcade playing Pac-Man until my eyes burned or I ran out of quarters, whichever came first. Yes, you always arrived too early and put an end to my fun, September. You were the proverbial police shutting down my house party at 10:00pm…right before the good stuff happens. And even now as an adult, you’re not my favorite month, September. You’re sort of that boring, intermediate time that occurs between summer and more awesome months like October (Halloween!), November (Thanksgiving for us American folks!) and December (regardless of your theological beliefs, December usually means holiday parties and time off work. Sweet!).

Actually, it occurred to me while writing about my distaste for September that my wedding anniversary is this month. Did I mention I LOVE September!?!

All joking aside…

Another reason I am genuinely excited for September is because it marks the launch of our new L3 Payments website! As you may have noticed, this site is chock full of useful information for both existing clients and prospects alike. Our blog will be updated frequently, providing insight into our business as well as the payment processing industry at large, and our monthly Newsletter will keep you informed of exciting events, new product offerings and even some fun facts about our team here at L3.

Speaking of fun…

L3 Payments will have a presence at all three industry events in September! Look for us at XBiz in London, Webmaster Access in Amsterdam and the EU Summit in Prague. We look forward to connecting with existing clients as well as meeting new faces to discuss the myriad ways L3 Payments can help improve your business. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us any time for support ( or sales inquiries ( Or, if you’re the talkin’ type, you can reach us by phone at 805-449-1191.

With all of this exciting news, it looks like we can be friends after all, September.

– Thomas Kraus (Director of Client Services)

Visa CardsBy Melody Lashmar – Visa requirements regarding high-risk transactions and this affects you!

I constantly hear that one of the benefits to working with an IPSP is that you can cross sell with other sponsored merchants.  As this was never the intent of VISA they have revised their Operating Regulations to make it explicitly clear what constitutes a cross-sell/up-sell and what has to happen on this type of transaction.

Effective June 1, 2011 an Up-selling Merchant is defined as “a Merchant that offers a Cardholder goods and/or services online through the initial Merchant, but is not the initial Merchant, a subsidiary or affiliate of the initial Merchant with whom the Cardholder initiated the Transaction”.

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It seems that today’s merchant must operate with a constantly changing set of rules.  As a company that provides payment processing services to merchants in many different regions with many different products, it is our desire to be able to provide our clients and future clients with relevant payment news in a timely manner.

Through this channel, we encourage you to make comments and ask for clarifications.  Otherwise, please reach out directly to us if you would rather address your questions more discreetly.  You can reach us at 800-277-7785 or at Sales at

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